The Daily Telegraph Business Tracker

Since 2016 Impact Social has been tracking the rise and fall of Small Business sentiment in the UK through our exclusive analysis for the UK’s biggest selling broadsheet, the Daily Telegraph. Appearing monthly in-paper and online the Business Tracker is the only analysis of its kind.

‘Monitoring Impact Social’s metric over the coming months and years should give an indicator of the changing performance of the wider economy’.  Tim Wallace, Economics Correspondent, The Daily Telegraph

The Daily Telegraph Business Tracker

A piece of analysis compiled by Impact Social.

The Daily Telegraph Business Tracker tracks the Twitter messages of 25,000 British companies and businesses, searching their public posts for indicators of their sentiment towards the state of the economy, their business performance, and their reaction to government policies.


Those aggregated search results are then analysed manually by Impact Social's researchers to assess whether messages are positive, negative or neutral. That process also strips out posts that are promotional, leaving only the businesses' actual opinions on the topics in question.


Our latest analysis from the 4th October 2018 Business Tracker is featured below.



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