impactSocial is a unique social media insight and analysis company.

We use highly sophisticated big data software to live-monitor all social and online conversations around the globe in 27 languages. This is where our reliance on algorithms ends.

We believe accurate analysis, sentiment and trend insights can only be delivered by human beings, reading and understanding the data, from the clients’ perspective.

We are the only company in the world providing this level of accuracy and analysis. This is why our work is trusted by the world’s biggest governments, brands and corporations.


Who we are and who we work for

Impact Social is led by:

Will Brown
d: +44 (0)20 3714 3872

Will is responsible for product development and client insight at impactSocial. He recently spent five years at freud communications where he was on the leadership team helping to build the corporate practice from 15 to over 40 people and to more than half the agency’s revenues. Before joining freud Will was at Bell Pottinger where for two years he was seconded to Sky’s corporate communication team. In 2003 he took a three month sabbatical working on the Observer’s comment and news desk. He started his career at the LVMH and Benetton backed

Will is also an Associate Partner at PSA Communications

Phil Snape
d: +44 (0)20 3714 3871

Phil is responsible for business and client strategy at impactSocial. He has many years’ experience as an advisor to political and business leaders and has been responsible for many successful public campaigns in the retail, leisure and media sectors. Phil is a voting member of the British Academy of Film & Television Arts and sits on the Committee of the British Inspiration Awards which recognises success and entrepreneurship in the creative sector.

Phil is also Managing Director and Founder of PSA Communications

Our Clients


All of our competitors produce algorithmic reports which capture all online ‘mentions’ requested by a client. They report the ebbs and flows of a conversation, which reflects the topics discussed and where they are coming from. However, this analysis has limited value at it only ever provides a general overview.

We have proven that accurate analysis can only be produced by human beings reading and interpreting the data. Our unique methodology involves a team of UK based researchers reading and scoring samples of thousands of social media mentions. This is then forwarded to our team of expert analysts to provide their insight into what is happening in the interests of the client. Our methodology is has proved to be at least 95% accurate. There is no other company in the world providing this level of analysis.



Listen, engage, grow.

We help brands understand where their audiences are active in social and online media channels, giving actionable insight to help amplify their online investments. Our sophisticated big data technology and unique methodology provides instant and reliable sentiment analysis and live audience data, allowing brands to have meaningful conversations and improve online engagement. Our brand clients use impactSocial to:

  • Live-track product launches and marketing campaigns and dynamically tweak them in real-time
  • React to reputational opportunities or risks as they happen
  • Amplify branded content through targeted channels
  • Detailed campaign evaluation and ROI analysis
  • Map customer journeys from consideration, through purchase to brand advocacy
  • Build detailed tracks of competitor activity to learn from their success and failures and target them at tactical moments
  • Build a database of key online influencers in their sector
  • Develop a database of existing and potential customers


Your company reputation at your fingertips, live.

We understand the increasing pressure in-house communications teams are under to track an ever increasing number of issues relating to their business. From financial performance and analyst chatter to pressure group and stakeholder issues to tracking mentions of their company and competitors. When speed of response is of huge importance it can be a daunting task. We created iS live to meet that demand, ensuring data-savvy corporates have the tools and insight to stay ahead of their competitors.

Our corporate clients use impactSocial to:

  • Respond to our live actionable insight referring to company mentions with alert system to warn of any major increases in noise around brands, individuals or products
  • Live-track, alert and report on their regulatory, stakeholder, pressure group and competitor activity
  • Report on activity pre, during and post major announcements such as annual results or AGMs
  • Build detailed insights on sector activity and best practice case studies


Impact Social's analysis and unique methodology is perfectly placed to support the litigation industry, particularly in the area of libel/ defamation.

We can accurately show the level of impact and sentiment of anything and everything which has been said about a person or organisation, globally and in 27 different languages (within the last 2 years).

We can therefore assess the level of harm sustained, answering questions such as:

  • To what extent has the defendant’s name has been called into disrepute?
  • What is the overall impact?
  • What is the sentiment– positive to negative?
  • Where did the conversations originate from?
  • How might these discussions have altered over time?
  • How and what may have influenced them?
  • To what extent is jigsaw identification present?

How might this analysis be used?

1. Client support

To impress upon a client whose reputation may have been harmed that you have analysis which can determine whether the published material not only meets the serious harm threshold of the Defamation Act, but also accurately assesses the impact. This will assist the client’s decision on whether a claim should be brought and the level of remedy to seek.

For clients’ facing a legal threat of defamation the analysis will help them to assess the strength of the threat by analysing the impact of the publication and how to dispose of a claim.

2. Out of court settlements

To support the need for an out of court settlement/apology – by showing a client the harm caused and thereby the level damages likely to be paid or received.

3. In court as evidence

4. To win business

5. Monitoring your reputation and online presence

The analysis will keep you informed of what is being said about you/your practice/ your clients and its impact to help you to decide how you may be able to respond or take action


Effective governance

Our unique analysis and insight enables a government to have a complete understanding as to its effectiveness. We monitor and provide insight into public reaction and impact of every single public policy launch, announcement or action. This enables a government to accurately assess the following:

  • Overall effectiveness
  • How well information is being received and understood by the electorate
  • How to make informed decisions based on accurate evidence, statistics and data
  • How to assess future policy priorities
  • How to mitigate risk and improve security
  • Understand perceptions and reactions of relevant stakeholders, overseas governments, businesses and NGOs

Winning elections

Election strategy

Using impactSocial’s methodology political parties and candidates have a comprehensive understanding of what the electorate like/dislike about the current leadership, policies and overall governance of the country.

This enables election strategy to be based not on guesswork but on what is actually known about:

  • The needs and aspirations of the electorate
  • What the people like/dislike about the current administration
  • The strengths and weakness of all other candidates and political parties

Election campaign delivery/tactics

Candidates are able to monitor and analyse live:

  • The impact of every single announcement and event
  • Campaign momentum and impact
  • The effectiveness of strategy, tactics and communications

Mobilise and improve campaigns

impactSocial understands the dynamic nature of campaigning, providing our clients with live advice and data analysis to help them further their cause. Organisations use impactSocial to:

  • Live-track what’s being said about the organisation or campaign, where and by whom
  • Live-track competitor activity
  • Show the impact and sentiment of every single announcement and event
  • Accurately assess momentum and what is driving it
  • Act on the insight and advice we provide to develop strategies for push messaging and influence online conversations
  • Show the effectiveness of strategy, tactics and communications

Local Government

Using our unique methodology local government can better assess their effectiveness and the impact on the communities they serve. This service provides many insights such as:

  • Know not guess what constituents think of: service, events, communications/marketing, policies and investments
  • Track against stakeholders - leaders, councillors, general public and media
  • Horizon scanning / pre-empt dangers/issues/campaigns
  • Create thematic searches - health care, education, social services
  • Identify local and grass roots campaigns and assess their momentum and effectiveness
  • Identify strong local voices positive/negative
  • Compare with other local authorities and share best practice
  • 24/7 Alerts
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A live, daily, weekly and monthly reputation management service using highly sophisticated monitoring software to capture in real-time all social and online media.


Live (Example data)








Where from (mentions)

What's being said




4 % Negative


iS live provides high-profile individuals, brands, corporates and organisations with in-depth interpretation and analysis of what’s being said about them and by whom, alerting them to risks, trends and opportunities as they arise.

Our team of expert research and reputation managers use this data to provide live actionable advice giving clients an immediate understanding and ability to influence their online presence.


Developed for clients who have a social media presence and understand its importance but who want to increase their impact.

Our team of communications experts help our clients benchmark and improve their online presence advising how to better engage online through social media community management, content development and execution.


Designed for clients who have large-scale events such as TV shows, launches, speeches or conferences which command high levels of online buzz.

iS launch uses highly sophisticated software to provide pre-event social media and online landscape analysis giving clients an in-depth understanding of how, where and when to engage existing and potential online audiences.

Our team of research and communications experts monitor client events in real time, providing a live reputation dashboard and actionable advice so clients can impact online conversations to amplify content or marketing initiatives.

iS launch uses highly sophisticated software to provide pre-event social media and online landscape analysis giving clients an in-depth understanding of how, where and when to engage existing and potential online audiences.


Created for clients with limited or no online or social media presence.

iS insight provides detailed channel, competitor, social media and social commerce audits and analysis. Our research and communications experts use this insight to design and deliver a blueprint to increase our client’s understanding of how to promote and protect their interests online.


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