Do people blame central government or Sadiq Khan for London’s crime wave?

How is this is being expressed?

Impact Social analysed the online discussion of ‘crime’ geo-tagged to London in relation to the Mayor, PM and central government. The aim was to uderstand who Londoners hold responsible for crime in the city. 

City Hall will be disappointed that Londoners seem reluctant to blame central government for a rise in crime across the capital. Instead responsibility for the vast majority of those attributing blame, lies with the Mayor. This discussion falls into three categories:


1. Responsibility

   🗣 I think we've found the problem. You were supposed to increase house building, and reduce knife crime. Did you misread the memo?

   🗣 keep planning and talking about how to prevent crime. At least make the play-field fair and arm your citizens if you are unable to protect them

   🗣 @SadiqKhan blames everyone else for his mistakes and leave London even worse off than before he took office

   🗣 @SadiqKhan focus on London and leave international politics to elected international leaders and crime in your city under control. ITS YOUR JOB!

   🗣 HELP... can anybody tell me why we have a Mayor of London in Mr Khan when he blames the Government for crime when it’s his job, telling us today crime in the Capital is going down ...????

   🗣 Knife crime in London is getting out of hand.


2. Capability

   🗣 But something needs to be done, he's just not the man for the job. He literally doesn't care. MONTHS into an epidemic of violent crime, and he hasn't even ACKNOWLEDGED it

   🗣 Sad to say but the crime wave that is ongoing in London has one good thing & that it keeps the fuckwit mayor off of tv because he has noanswer for it & hasn’t a clue how to stop it . Little man in a big job way out of his depth & has the nerve to want to stand again. Shocking


3. Priority

   🗣 These kids / teens / young adults need dealing with! It’s not fair that innocent people have to endure this crime spree

   🗣 It’s also not fair suggesting the public tackle these thugs. It’s putting the publics safety in jeopardy! Something needs to be done to stopthis ASAP!!

   🗣 Latest stats for LONDON, Knife crime up 18%, Muggings up 30%, Youth homicide up 25%,Moped muggings up by 50% - average 60 a  day.#GetKhanOut

   🗣 Listen, kids don’t kill people cause funding cuts! If you don’t understand the root cause of violent crime then u should let someone who can do the job properly! #getkhanout

🗣 Are you for real? Millions of Londoners are more concerned about the rise in crime hitting the streets of our beloved city. We couldn't care less about wether or not Oxford Street will be pedestrianised. 1/3 #London #SadiqKhan

   🗣 Idiot..focus on crime in London

   🗣 With knife crime and moped muggings soaring, we’re pleased to see our Labour Mayor has got his priorities right

   🗣 Apparently the Met has over 900 cops daily surfing the web for 'hate crime', while scooter theft, violent muggings and stabbings escalatethrough the roof. @SadiqKhan is useless, @metpoliceuk is useless.…

   🗣 Knife crime disaster and slanging match with @POTUS isn't what the @MayorofLondon should be doing.

   🗣 Don't worry folks. Knife crime, murders and acid attacks may be rising but Sadiq is tackling the important issues for this city - ensuring gender equality in Wikipedia editors. ??♂️…

   🗣 Finally! Its about time the Mayor of London looked at violent crime we are less than half way through the year and 74 murders! #Unsafe#Violence #EnoughIsEnough

In addition there is a sense that the crime wave is the new normal, creating a sense of exasperation:

   🗣 Mate I don’t even notice these crime waves anymore… that’s just london ??

   🗣 Thank goodness, I was praying the pollution would get me before the knife crime


Central government

   🗣 Don't know why putting the blame on the Mayor ......... Just a few points from articles below Met Police Chief says Government is 'naive' to         think Tory cuts haven't fuelled surge in violent crime

   🗣 The only way to combat knife crime is to get more police on the streets. Put more money into policing instead of taking it away