Trump Biden Swing Voter Tracker

Impact Social's unique 40,000 floating voter database shows who is winning the race for the White House and why.

Coronavirus Conversation Tracker in Rural Swing States

Impact Social is analysing the discussion of Covid19 in key rural states on behalf of the One Country Project.

Donald Trump Impeachment Tracker

The latest reports from Impact Social

2018 US Midterm elections

Impact Social undertook detailed analysis of three key rural states in the race for the US Senate

US Presidential Election

Using big data and human analysis we predicted that Donald Trump would become President of the United States of America.

UK European Referendum 2016

Using our unique methodology we predicted that immigration would push the UK to Brexit

UK General Election 2017

Media and experts were agreed that Theresa May would be re-elected by a landslide. Our analysis showed the Conservative campaign imploding.

Telegraph Business Tracker

Our small business tracker provides an accurate indication of UK business sentiment and the changing performance of the wider economy.