DeSantis or Trump – who do swing voters prefer?

As DeSantis runs for the presidency, his ability to wrestle the MAGA/GOP faithful away from Trump is an open question. But there is another equally important question getting less attention: ‘Which candidate do swing voters prefer - and thereby has the best chance of beating Joe Biden?’

Impact Social shows in - real time - how Youngkin came from behind to take a famous victory.

Using our unique methodology we showed what hit and what missed for each candidate. And what finally moved the dial and when, in Youngkin’s favour.

Newsom victory never in doubt - Impact Social usurps the pollsters once again

With six weeks to go before recall election day pollsters suggested Gavin Newsom was in danger of being voted out of office. Millions of campaign dollars were raised and many hours spent in defence of the governor. Yet in reality - as our analysis showed in the moment - Newsom's popularity in the Golden State was never in question.


Impact Social provides unique insight into popular sentiment about the UK government’s handling of the Covid-19 vaccination programme


Impact Social provides unique insight into popular sentiment about the UK government’s handling of Covid-19.

Trump Biden Swing Voter Tracker

Impact Social's unique 40,000 floating voter database shows who is winning the race for the White House and why.

Coronavirus Conversation Tracker in Rural Swing States

Impact Social is analysing the discussion of Covid19 in key rural states on behalf of the One Country Project.

Donald Trump Impeachment Tracker

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