Impact Social analyzed the online and social media discussion among Democrats of Sen Elizabeth Warren’s presidential 2020 exploratory committee launch. Conversations were read from the perspective of Senator Warren. Campaign messaging and re-tweets have been removed from the data for analysis to capture only the voices and opinions of voters.  



News of Senator Warren’s (EW) probable run for the presidency has been given a lukewarm response among Democrats in the key states of New Hampshire (NH) and Iowa (IA). Overall EW is clearly liked and very well respected. However, much of the positive discussion is tempered with a nagging sense of doubt in her ability to win and a feeling that there are better candidates.  In addition EW should be concerned that even among the more cerebral Dems her key policy messages were barely mentioned.

More negative still are those who dislike EW personally, much of which is driven by her failure to back Sen Sanders in 2016. In addition many Dems see her donation to HAIS and the furor over her ancestry as someone who is out of touch with the concerns of every day people. 

It should be noted that the conversations in both states reflect Dem desperation to win/defeat Trump. All sides of the Party seem to understand the importance of having the ‘right sort of candidate’ and all that this entails.

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